Feasibility analysis

Based on business site information, we provide customized consulting services such as licensing availability, power generation forecasting, project cost forecasting, and economic analysis.

Calculation of generating capacity

We provide power generation capacity in consideration of azimuth, latitude, altitude, and shading of the site using a solar power analysis program.

Connection with business support program

We provide business support so that you can receive the benefits of the renewable energy business support program promoted by the Korea Energy Agency.

Connection with power generation companies

Even if the business site owner does not directly operate the power generation business, we provide the business site rental business through connection with rental companies.

Financial services

We provide business expense loan services using EPC company guarantees and guarantee insurance.


We provide defect-free construction services using our professional construction manpower and know-how accumulated for more than 10 years according to construction conditions such as Rooftop Solar, Ground Mounted Solar, Floating Solar, and BIPV.

Operation & Maintenance

We manage to maintain maximum power generation efficiency through a systematic maintenance process after construction.